Moikit is committed to become the global smart hydration leader. We break limitations by ultimate design, innovative technology, and perfect service.

We are dedicated to the research of new technology, the pursuit of perfection, and to bring innovation to the industry. Many employees are Moikit fans, then join us to connect with passionate people and to create our unique products.

Moikit has launched multiple product lines, with some of the most advanced smart hydration technology.The world’s first smart cup “cuptime” was released at the end of 2013, and has gained more than 80% of the Chinese smart hydration market share. Right now, Moikit has created the world’s most complete portfolio of smart hydration and smart filtration.

Moikit’s leading technology have set standards for the global smart hydration industry.

Moikit Team
Leo li
Alina yi
Financial Director
Charlotte Shen
Frank Hu
Prodocut Manager
Leo Wang
Interface Engineer
Lucky Li
PHP Programmer
Leith Li
User Operations Supervisor
User Operations Supervisor
Carl Song
Structural Engineer
Mark Zhou
Embedded Engineer
Tommy Zuo
Embedded Engineer
Leading Industry Patent Holder
Since the release of cuptime’s of pressure-type smart hydration monitoring technology in 2013, we have also invented Air-Elastic/ Zephair and many other smart hydration core technologies. 52 patents,9 invention patents, 33 utility patents and 10 PCT global patents.
invention patents
utility patents
PCT global patents

Top 100 of Tai Huo Niao Dan Annual Innovation

Tai Huo Niao / 2015


IF / 2016

The 3rd Top Digital Smart Home Innovation Gold Medal

Top Digital / 2016

ChinaBang 2015 Annual Medical Health Production and Service

TechNode / 2015

CES Innovation Award for Global Smart Health Device

CES / 2015

China Ace Awards 2014 Best Design of Smart Hardware Products

EE Times & EDN & ESM / 2014