Smart Filtration Pitcher

Naturess Ultrafiltration & Smart Filter Replacing

Tap Water is Not So Clean

The tap water always contain heavy metals, rust, sediment, trichloromethane, residual chlorine and other harmful substances. Even if you boil the water, they cannot be effectively removed.

What You Need is A Smart Water Filtration Pitcher for your health

Efficient Compound U type Filter Element

Naturess Ultrafiltration, provides the best solution for daily water filtration.

Tita is designed for tap water. It has Naturess ultrafiltration and several filtration levels. It can effectively remove bacteria, heavy metals, scale, residual chlorine and other harmful substances from tap water.

Dense Mesh( first level)

Remove sediment, rust and other visible impurities

The first level of PP dense mesh is made of the non-toxic and tasteless material, which can effectively isolate visible floating particles in water, such as large-scale rust, sediment and so on. Also it can protect the core of filter element.

The Dense mesh is made of FDA approved food grade material PP silk which meets very high security standard.

Ion Exchanger(second level)

Reduce heavy metals & water hardness

Ion exchange resin can reduce a variety of heavy metals in water , also can greatly improve the water purity, reduce toxicity, and effectively reduce water hardness.

The ion exchanger in U type filter is from one of the world's largest ion exchange resin suppliers, and use hydrogen ion and hydroxide ion replacement form, compared to similar products, the ion exchange resin used by Tita will not produce any additional products .

High iodine value of active carbon(Third level)

Rapid absorb chlorine, improve the taste

The natural activated carbon is from the world's best supplier in Japan. The porous structure surface can quickly and effectively absorb residual chlorine in water and remove the unpleasant taste of disinfection water. It can also adsorb odors and some other organic pollutants, greatly improve the taste of water.

Naturess Ultrafiltration (Final level)

Remove bacteria, and some viruses

The Naturess natural gravity filtration system which is from South Korea uses innovative hydrophilic materials and achieves 0.1 micron filtration capacity, but still reaches certain purification speed.

The report from authority Institute shows that Tita can remove more than 99.9999% bacteria of all kinds, even much higher than the proportion of boiling water sterilization. This will make drinking water away from the pathogenic bacteria.

Global Supply Chain Makes Tita a High Quality Product

The materials are carefully selected from all over the world. All the core materials come from the world's top suppliers. All the materials that contact with water have passed strict NSF certification or WQA certification.

Filtration Reminder

Filter elements have a certain life. It will be used up. Current filtration pitchers on the market measure their filter’s state based on time. This is inefficient and inaccurate. Too early change is a waste and too late is not safe. Tita can monitor the state of your filter based upon volume of filtered water instead of by time. Paired with the Moikit APP, the App reminds you three days before your filter should be replaced and allows for one touch replacement purchasing.

Each filter element can filter 350L of tap water

Working as a Measuring Glass

Tita has a high-precision flow meter, you can accurately record the amount of water that has been poured out on each time, and in the APP to view and manage your own historical water use. In addition, it can also display on the handle while you pour water, this is a very useful and cool kit for cooking, soup, tea. You can very easily control the water consumption.

Ergonomic Design

Through hundreds of tests we finally come to a result , the handle should be angled at 30 degrees and the water spout angled at 17.7 degrees. This makes the Tita ergonomic when pouring and filling.

Convenient Design

All the details show Tita's ultimate design. The LED display shows the amount of water that has been poured out in real time. The automatic cover is used for the water inlet which lets you get water just with one hand. The lid prevents dust from falling into the pitcher, and also prevents the water in the refrigerator from deterioration. The two diversion slots in the lid make water pouring more concentrated, you won't splash everywhere.

Battery Life : 40 Days

Tita uses the Nordic ultra low power consumption Bluetooth 4.0 chip, and other ultra-low power devices, making the overall power consumption effectively controlled. Each fully charging of 1.5 hours , will make Tita work for 40 days .

Based on 20 times a day

Data Interface Open for All

Help you to use our water data for your own APP or products. Also help you to develop your own Tita APP.

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