Sports Bottle Revolutionized
Dual Drinking Modes/ Hydration Tracking/ DPAT Algorithm
$ 79.99
Adaptive Hydration from any Angle
Traditional sports bottles only allow people to drink via one of two methods; sipping or through a straw. Moikit's revolutionary SmartStraw™ technology breaks this limitation. No matter you are riding outdoors, jogging or working at home, Gene fits allows you to hydrate in comfort, regardless of your current activity.
Zephair Accurate Hydration Tracking
Gene features patented Zephair™ Hydration Tracking Technology, which not only eliminates all traditional electronic internals within the bottle, but also improves the measurement accuracy up to ±5ml. This new technology allows Gene to be carried around like any other conventional sports bottle. Gene can be easily cleaned without worrying about deposition.
*Based on a daily water consumption of 100ml, Zephair's highly accurate sensor has an error range of ±5%.
DPAT Hydration Tracking Algorithm
Proper hydration is essential to your daily workout and training. Our DPAT Hydration Tracking Algorithm calculates your body's hydration needs based on your actual water intake, body weight, health condition and your daily exercise. It will determine if you need to hydrate during your workout.
* Gene will only monitor your workout when being carried; sports data must be synchronized via third party apps such as Apple Health when your Gene is not carried during your workout.
Your Hydration Goal Keeper
More than a bottle, Gene can help to build your healthy hydration habit. You can view your hydration goal progress at anytime and receive a personal detailed analysis of your progress on the Moikit App.
Glare Resistant LCD Display
Gene's high quality LCD display is clearly visible even under bright sunlight.
Farewell to Leaks in Your Bag
The world's first safe lid lock. Simply spin it, and lock the lid completely. When Gene is in your bag, there is no needs to worry about the leakage.
BPA Free, robust bottle design
Gene uses Tritan as the main material of the bottle, and will not release BPA or other harmful substances. It has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, and also designated material for infant products. The implementation of Tritan gies Gene a firm surface. Gene's body is strong and will not break even when hit by strong forces. Gene is stable regardless of your activity.
Single Charge lasts 25 days
Gene uses a 150 mAH hithium Polymer battery. Gene can be reached via the micro USB port on the lid. A single charge lasts up to 25 days.
Completely Waterproof, Safe to Wash
Gene's entire body is designed to be waterproofed (IPX6). You may wash it regularly or use it rainy days.
* IPX6 allows for exposure to water spray, do not submerge the cap.
Powerful and Fun
The Moikit APP 4.0 comes with all new interface and performs even better. It tracks your hydration data and analyzes your daily hydration habits and reminds you to drink before your body dehydrates. The Moikit APP also helps you build better hydration habits.
Apple Healthkit Compatibility
Hydration data can be synchronized and viewed in Apple Healthkit.
*At least IOS 9.0 or later.