Moikit is the world's leading hydration technology company

and also the very first team that launched smart hydration products

Our first smart cup – “Cuptime” was released back in 2013

and had received wide attention and praise

Moikit is committed to helping our users to build better hydration habits

and to creating healthier lifestyles through technology

Moikit plays a leading role in smart hydration industry

and the innovation of technology has always been our primary focus

Moikit has registered more than 50 patents

including 10 international patents

We have also completed multiple core technology research and development projects,

including Air-Elastic, Air-Straw, X-Ruler, SmartStraw and Zephair

Hydration Monitoring / Hydration Notification / Dual Drinking Modes
Hydration Monitoring / Hydration Reminder / Temperature Monitoring / Vacuum
Hydration Tracking / Hydration Reminder / Temperature Monitoring
Naturess Ultra Filtration / Filter Replacement Reminder / Free of Installation
Leading Industry Patent Holder
Moikit not only started the smart hydration industry, but also invented multiple smart hydration technologies that continue to shape the smart hydration industry even today. Our solid research and development process allows Moikit to maintain its leadership in the smart hydration market. In the past three years, we have created the world’s most complete portfolio of smart hydration technologies, including Air-Elastic, Air-Straw, Xruler, and temperature measurement patents, lid status identification patents, etc.
invention patents
utility patents
PCT global patents

Top 100 of Tai Huo Niao Dan Annual Innovation

Tai Huo Niao / 2015


IF / 2016

The 3rd Top Digital Smart Home Innovation Gold Medal

Top Digital / 2016

ChinaBang 2015 Annual Medical Health Production and Service

TechNode / 2015

CES Innovation Award for Global Smart Health Device

CES / 2015

China Ace Awards 2014 Best Design of Smart Hardware Products

EE Times & EDN & ESM / 2014

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