The Moikit APP
Hydration Management in an Easy Way
Moikit App

Smart Hydration Management

The Moikit App allows you to check your hydration history anywhere and anytime. It also tells you how many perfect hydration days you have accomplished in the past week.

Daily Hydration Tracking

The Moikit APP tracks your hydration intake automatically. You may create hydration goals and manage your hydration progress in real time.              

Hydration Habits Analysis

The Moikit APP analyzes your hydration habits based on your data and tells when you do not hydrate enough. You can set hydration notification to remind yourself to drink more water.

Apple Health Compatibility

Your hydration data can be synchronized to Apple Health when connected to IOS devices. You can also change the settings in Apple Health to allow your hydration data to be viewed in other applications.

Third Party APP Compatibility

Moikit’s hydration data not only works with the Moikit APP, but also can be synchronized and viewed in Apple Health, Fitbit, and Jawbone UP.